About Us

Rent.cu & Havanacity is a team with representatives in major poles of Cuba with the objective that our customers and visitors to find the information they need for their trip to Cuba.
We have a team of highly qualified and experience of several years of work in tourism, both of which allow us to guide our clients correctly and recommend the best options across Cuba to make your trip an unforgettable experience.
Here we present a number of points which we take as a reference for the correct use of this site and its online booking system:
• Rent.cu is offered as a reliable private homes for rent, hotels and cars in Cuba alternative.
• Duly legalized only promote sites that promote businesses and homes that have legal backing to the Cuban government, which are taxed to provide such services and also to meet the necessary requirements of quality and customer service.
• When making a reservation you will have different ways to contact us and if desired also the owner of the hostel, it guarantees a quick and effective response.
• The reservation will entail a commitment for our company, ensuring that your reservation is confirmed in its entirety as soon as possible.
• The reservation may be canceled by the customer, which must be informed several days before the date of arrival. You can get a refund depending on how far in advance the cancellation is made.
• When making a reservation we will send you an invoice and confirmations of services and the necessary travel documents.
• Any additional price room / night charge will not be charged by booking through our website. Our service is free.
• Our clients are our reason for being, so always they are treated respectfully but open and honest.